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The Pineaple Guava belongs to the Myrtaceas family. It is from 5 to 7cm long and its shape varies from round to oval. It is a fr


Nutritional content

The Feijoa contains high levels of Vitamin C and is an excellent iodine and protein source. It helps to provide essential vitamins for the body such as the vitamin A and E. It is rich in a complex of substance known as Alpha 3 that contributes to oxygenation of cells.

Health benefits

It is very useful to apply over dry skin as mask; it is an excellent tonic for the skin. This fruit is very rich in a complex of substances denominated Alpha 3 which takes oxygen to the cells regenerating the skin and maintaining it fresh and smooth.


The feijoa can be enjoyed raw, but frequently, it is also used to prepare jams, juice and gelatins. Due to its slightly acid and refreshing flavor, this fruit becomes the ideal to combine with other exotic fruits in delicious salads.