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The Tamarillo belongs to the solanaceaes family. This fruit is oval shaped, it is 7-9cm long and 100 to 150gr in weight. The cru


Nutritional content

The Tamarillo helps to provide essential vitamins that the body needs such as the Vitamins A, C and provitamin A. It is an excellent calcium, iron and potassium source. It also contains phosphorus and magnesium.

Health benefits

The consumption of Tamarillos is recommended to control high blood pressure and to lower cholesterol. It is also used in diets for losing weigh.


Tamarillo are suitable for raw consumption, by taking the skin off with a knife and cutting it into slices or cutting the fruit in half and eating the pulp with a spoon. The pulp can be covered with sugar or salt, depending on your taste, can also be consumed in fruit salads, juice, deserts, jam.